Thursday, May 8, 2014

Selling your car fast and moving on!

  If you are moving, that is fantastic.  We wish you well on your new adventure and enjoyed having you in town.  Selling your car quickly and moving on is easy.  Many, many cities do not require a car.  Or if you are going across a large body of water it may be difficult to take your car.  Our job is to make that transition easy and fast.  We can even provide a ride to the airport.

  If this sounds like 'a plan' call Cash for Car Store for an appointment at (440) 442-7700 and visit us at 23600 Lakeland Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio, 44132 - Formerly located at 5180 Mayfield Rd , Lyndhurst, Ohio, 44124.  We’ll answer all of your questions to your satisfaction, and will buy your car based on objective, mutually agreed-upon standards. No pressure, we promise.