Monday, December 18, 2017

How much do you know about researching car values?

When you need to sell your car, you should equip yourself with the knowledge of your car's real value. Without knowing how much your car is actually worth, it's impossible to tell whether or not you're getting a fair deal for your used car. Don’t just guess how much your car is worth, but do a little research to make sure you get a fair deal.
Here are some tips for learning what your used car is worth.

Be Careful Using Sites You Have To Pay For

If a site tries to get you to pay for what they say the value of your car is, be cautious and skeptical. Some websites are reputable, like Kelley, but you shouldn't have to sign up for a membership just to find out how much your car is worth. There is enough information available for free that you should not have to pay for information on pricing as is rarely worth it.

What Condition Is Your Car In?

Be honest!  Is your car really in "Excellent" condition?  if it's been in a fender-bender or two it probably is not going to been considered excellent.  You could lose some credibility with your potential buyers if you start out asking for a price in the higher range.  Be honest about the condition of your used car, but don't sell yourself short if it is truly a gem.

Try an old fashioned approach!

Grab a newspaper and open it up to the classified ads. Look for a car as similar to yours that you can find that someone else is trying to sell.
Check out the classifieds several times a week.
You should have a good idea what other’s think your car is worth, and then have a solid knowledge so you can negotiate confidently.
Researching your car's value is not that hard but it does take some time.  We can complicate the process in that we all hope our cars are worth more than they actually are! When you try some of these steps you will better be able to determine the real value of your car to a potential buyer without bias or prejudice.


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